Baby Photo Montage

Make the cutest photo montages of your baby in different costumes


We are about to have fun with the newest photo editor, and to show you just how adorable babies in costumes can be. You will melt when you make the cutest photo montage of your little one! Download free Baby Photo Montage app on your smartphone and you will become a real photo designer. Edit photos and you can make a top imagegoogle-play-badge gallery using the best photo editor. The newborn baby is pure bliss for moms and dads, and they take dozens of photos of their little one. With the latest photo editing application, you will be able to suit photos of your little one in the most amazing baby photo frames! There are many costumes you can choose from, so for example you can dress up photos of your baby in a fabulous little Santa costume!

4The newest photo editor is easy to use. You just need to choose a picture from your image gallery, or capture a new one using your phone’s camera. Now you can adjust photo into a baby photo frame of your choice and make a fantastic photo montage. Use different tools to resize, rotate and zoom image in order to make a perfect fit. Apply the coolest photo effects to give your photo a fresh new look, and add photo text on image. The collection of baby photo frames that the latest photo editing app offers will release your creativity. Create the best photo montages and make wonderful greeting cards for your family and friends. You can celebrate the birthday of your child by making a beautiful photo collage of the kid in various crazy costumes! Choose to dress up the photo of your baby in the cutest flower costumes, or in a crazy tiger costume for your little boy. You can set as photo widget and use pictures as wallpapers.

coverThe latest photo montages are easy to use and you will be glad that you can frame the most precious moments of your baby. Make a fantastic photo collage of your baby in a cute rabbit costume. The popular photo editing application is all about fun, so release 7your creativity and enjoy! Edit photos and share your cute baby photo album with your friends on social networks. Download baby photo montages on your smartphone free of charge and it will quickly become your favorite! Add the awesome photo effects to your picture that will make it look incredible and create a real work of art.


  • Choose a photo from your image gallery
  • Select the photo frame of your choice
  • Use tools to rotate, zoom or resize to adjust the photo and make a great photo montage
  • Apply the best photo effects and add photo text on image
  • Save image, use as wallpaper and share with friends

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